Facebook Hiatus 8/1

So it is day 5 of my Facebook Hiatus. I knew it was inevitable. I spent a good 3 days going back and forth on everything from the obvious sexisn faced by Hillary Clinton to #BLM, to Michael Jordan’s charitable donations. Facebook is such a crappy place but it teaches me so much about people. Sometimes I see guys I would’ve kinda given a chance too and then feel like I dodged a bullet…like things that go against my core beliefs and would’ve caused a blow up down the line.

Anyways, Thursday happened. That was my last die. I got involved in reinstating a member back in our group. He’s probably kicked out again for all I know. Don’t know, don’t care. The highest ranking thing in my list of interest. It’s just these little nuances that I get caught up in that lead me to believe I’m robbing myself of my own lack of time.

So randomly my ex-boss from R* hit me up. There was a young lady who’s little sister was…I won’t say troubled, but clearly not taking her academics seriously. A 16yr old. She said that she was into gaming. I’m not 100% sure what her angle was as she reached out to Jimmy, not me. He took us too lunch. Even after he left, we continued to talk about everything from academics, to freedom of expression to hair. I gave them my contact info and they can reach me at any time.

Friday I was at the JW convention. It’s an all weekend thing. I could’ve went to Morristown and handed in my laptop, but I went there instead. Well worth it. Don’t think I did anything Friday night other than go to Walmart for groceries.

I can’t remember Saturday morning either. I’m pretty sure I was at convention. Yea, because I slept the rest of the evening. Time to go back to tracking my sleep. I was at Walmart at 2AM because the chicken I bought from them was bad. After all that, the two replacement chickens were bad too….sigh. Fish it is for Sunday dinner then. I really need to track he by hr. All I know about Sunday is that there wasn’t enough time to do all the things I needed to do.

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