Traveling à la Minimalist

stock photo by josealbafotos

Next month, my husband Andrew and I will be traveling to the Balkans for 3 weeks.

I made the epic decision to ditch my bulky old 55L backpack and replace it with a 40L carry-on pack. After much research, I decided on the Eagle Creek Global Companion, because hey, if i’m going to downsize I may as well do it in a slick, well-engineered product.

I did not come to this decision lightly, but was convinced to give it a go by of all people, Rick Steves.

Upon emerging from my you tube minimalist travel rabbit hole, I felt Rick Steves provided the most sensible argument, adding “nobody ever returns from holiday wishing they had packed more.”

Word. Rick. Word.

And so. here I go.

Ditching the superfluous items and hopefully packing. exactly. everything. I. need.

What about you? Have you traveled à la minimalist? Was it a success? Liberating? I’d love to know!

Follow me to find out how my minimalist traveling skills are, and other travel insights, and hopefully not too many regrets.

Genevieve Robitaille

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