Genaro Meetup at SGInnovate Space

November 23rd, 2017, Singapore,Genaro Network Team pioneers Jason Inch and Larry Liu were welcome speakers at SGInnovate Space.

Jason and Larry shared their perspectives on Genaro’s Storage concept, ecosystem and the shape of Blockchain 3.0 as conceived by Genaro.

They then brought attendees up to date on the finer points of Genaro’s functionality and development status: the hybrid consensus solutions of SPoR & PoS, the release of the Genaro Eden test version, and much more besides…

According to Jason Inch: “In 2009, in the Blockchain 1.0 era, Bitcoin featured decentralized digital currency. In 2015, in the Blockchain 2.0 era, Ethereum featured smart contracts. In 2016, Genaro proposed the Blockchain 3.0 concept, blockchain plus storage. Only when a blockchain is able to store and analyze big data in the real world can Decentralized Applications be as useful as Internet Applications.”

Thus the revolutionary ecosystem proposed by Genaro was laid out, whereby decentralized computing goes on to loosen monopolistic control over the app markets and resolve vulnerabilities in the current cloud, among other things. Their presentations were followed up by an engaging audience discussion. The collection of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals turned the event into a great community builder.

Interest continues to grow around the 3.0 Ecosystem and Genaro gained more supporters…

-About Genaro Network-

Genaro Network is the first Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem built on a Turing-complete public chain with decentralized storage, providing blockchain developers with a one-stop solution to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously. Meanwhile, Genaro provides everyone with a trustworthy internet and a sharing community. As the creator of the Blockchain 3.0 concept, Genaro aims to contribute to blockchain infrastructure technology development. Through the Genaro Hub and Accelerator, we aim to foster thousands of DAPPS, to move applications from “Cloud” to “Blockchain.”

Website :click here

- About SGInnovate -

At SGInnovate, we believe that Singapore has all the resources and capabilities needed to tackle ‘hard problems’ that matter to people around the world. As a part of the robust startup ecosystem here, our mission is to enable ambitious and capable individuals and teams to imagine, start, build, and scale globally-relevant technologies. With the support of our partners, SGinnovate’s priority is to work with deeply-technical founders that have research-originated IP at the core of their company. We back these entrepreneurs through equity-based investments, access to talent, and support in building customer traction. With a focus on important areas including Healthcare, Resources, and Transportation, we are prioritising our efforts around Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Blockchain. These technologies represent impactful and scalable answers to global challenges. SGInnovate is a private-limited company wholly owned by the Singapore Government.

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