Genaro Singapore Summary

Genaro Network, the creator of Blockchain 3.0, is the first Turing complete public chain with a decentralized storage network. Since its establishment, it has been supported by 9 well-known investment institutions in the blockchain industry, including Fenbushi Capital. It has established a strategic partnership with Stars Capital and Collinstar Capital successively. Recently, Genaro Network and Storj announced a comprehensive strategic partnership and product integration; this milestone-oriented strategic cooperation will enable companies and individuals to enjoy the seamless distributed cloud storage experience brought by blockchain technology.

Genaro’s original SPoR(Sentinel Proof of Retrievability)+ PoS (Proof of Stake) hybrid consensus mechanism is the first innovation that brings storage into the consensus mechanism. It represents a perfect combination of Turing’s well-established public chain and a decentralized storage network. This may simultaneously solve the scalability of a programmable public chain represented by Ethereum and the problem of data storage outside its chain. Compared to Ethereum, the speed ​​is improved and the network works more efficiently overall…

As an underlying protocol that provides storage capabilities, Genaro is building a permanent sustainable ecosystem for many other blockchain projects. Genaro Eden, the first application on the Genaro Network, provides everyone with a trustworthy storage space and shared community. At the same time, the underlying storage infrastructure of the entire Genaro Network will provide developers with storage space for building applications.

Genaro Eden

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November 2017 Genaro Singapore Activities

Genaro participated in the Inclusive Blockchain Conference of ACCESS Association members at Singapore’s Fintech Festival. Here they successfully held a Genaro Singapore Meetup, signed several international strategic cooperation agreements and spread the word about Blockchain 3.0 concepts among the Singapore community, as follows:

14–15th November, Inclusive Blockchain Conference

As a special section of the Fintech Festival, it was held in the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and attracted nearly one thousand people: academics, entrepreneurs and blockchain technology enthusiasts from all over the world. The well-known “V神” also came to share his thoughts. Genaro’s project leader Larry Liu and co-founder Andrea Liu met with Kyber’s founder Loi, OmnisGO’s Vansa, Aquifer Institute’s Yvonne, Angels of Impact’s Andrey, JEDTrade’s Daphne, Least Authority’s Liz Steininger, Infocorp Technologies’ Zann Kwan and many other projects’ key members to discuss current trends in the blockchain industry and share their valuable insights.

14–16th November, Singapore Fintech Festival

Genaro participated in the 3-day-long Financial Technology Summit in Singapore, discussing potential cooperation with top-tier project participants from the global banking, finance and investment industries and more. Blockchain is the hot topic in finance technology world. The emergence of Genaro on the scene has attracted the attention of international governments, enterprises and organizations, and laid a solid foundation for the ecosystem construction of the Genaro Network.

16th November, Access Association members meetup

Becoming one of the key members of Access Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association means a lot for Genaro, as many blockchain projects which are also members of these will become important parts of the Genaro Network in future, allowing them to build the Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem together.

22th November, Genaro organizing meetup at SGInnovative

During a successful meetup at SGInnovate, Genaro project leader Larry talked about Genaro’s strategic milestones, about SPoR + PoS’s hybrid consensus solution and presented the Genaro Eden beta release. When talking about the blockchain industry, co-founder Jason said: “At the moment, cloud technology is the foundation of the entire Internet, and cloud technology is based on storage. Cloud technology is simply a way to access shared models with configurable resource pools, such as computer networks, servers, storage, applications and services, which could be easily configured through the internet with minimal administrative effort. However, currently there are many problems with cloud technologies, such as vulnerability to hacking, inefficiencies and high VIP costs. In this context, blockchain technology has emerged, with its own distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanisms, encryption algorithms and other related features. In the era of Blockchain 1.0: decentralized transactions of bitcoins became possible. In the Blockchain 2.0 era: Ethereum created smart contracts. Blockchain 3.0 era: blockchain technology addresses big data storage problems. Genaro strongly believes by the time when it is possible to store and analyze real-world big data via blockchain, only DAPP will be able to handle it as an internet application. “

The Genaro Blockchain 3.0 Ecosystem gets more and more supporters!

In addition, Genaro carried out community activities in places such as Silicon Valley, Seoul, Dubai, Mexico City and Kiev, respectively, and was invited by major media platforms to conduct online and offline interviews. The Genaro International Community and Ecosystem are steadily growing and we are looking forward for the moment you decide to become part of it and join us!

About Genaro Network

Genaro Network, the creator of Blockchain 3.0, is the first Turing complete public chain that deploys decentralized storage network and the developer of the original SPOR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) + PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanisms to create more efficient public chain for processing big data, the underlying technology revolution that will make “blockchainization” of “clouds” in nearest future. Genaro offers developers a one-stop platform for deploying smart contracts and storing the data they need for DAPPs, at the same time, provides a more trustworthy internet and sharing community for everyone.

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