Burn Down the House and Everyone In It

To Democrats who are planning not to vote for Hillary Clinton: you’ve made it clear. You’re angry. You don’t like the way things are operating.

You say you want a revolution. The system, you say, is broken, the house on fire. You’re voting for a third party to make a statement. You want to let the Democrats lose, to teach them a lesson. You want to let the house burn down, and you don’t give much thought to the people living in it.

Political acts have human consequences.

You don’t believe Hillary will do the good things she says she wants, and you don’t believe Trump will or can do the things he says he’ll do. Worse, maybe you think what he says he’ll do isn’t that bad.

What is the worst thing you actually believe might happen under a Hillary Clinton presidency?

Have you considered what is the worst thing a President Trump, supported by a Republican party that seems not to hear what he’s actually saying, fueled by an angry electorate some of whom don’t understand how our government works, might be able to do?

Political acts, like fires, often get out of control.

What’s the worst that could happen to women who want control over their own lives without being told how to live them by a self-satisfied patriarchy? Is their loss worth teaching Democrats a lesson?

What’s going to happen to children who need love, nurturance, education, and a fair chance at a life in equality? Is their loss less important than trashing what you don’t like in order to build what you want?

What’s going to happen to our veterans? Is their sacrifice and future survival the necessary price of repairing what you see as our broken system?

What’s going to happen to LGB and yes, T people who want to live free from governmental, and more importantly from religious, interference? What about immigrants and racial minorities who want to be valued as worthy individuals rather than judged by the shade of their skin? Is the whole system so corrupt that you want to throw out all the advances people have made over the past 233 years and start over from scratch?

Is your political statement worth abandoning American participation in stopping harmful climate change? Is it worth allowing the kind of Supreme Court justices Trump will appoint?

Trump has shown himself willing to let our house burn down, and even to throw gasoline on the flames, just so the light from the fire will illuminate him. As long as that’s the case, and as long as there’s a chance he’ll be able to do what he says he will, withholding your vote from the one person with a chance to stop him is an act of political vandalism, at best, and at worst potentially an act of political mass murder.