You are more than your productivity. Slow the fuck down.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Thanks Jon. This is so timely with the pressure of the holidays on top of the regular stuff. I’ve been asking myself why a lot lately. Why am I doing ____? Also, is there a different way to accomplish ____ I should consider?

I’ve learned that no matter how productive you are, the need to accomplish more grows with your efficiency.

Like a goldfish adapts to the size of his tank.

When I feel trapped, I switch tanks by switching my creative outlet.

It improves my perspective, and lessens those pesky self-inflicted expectations.

I’ve been writing less, lately but creating other stuff.

I made 4 different repurposed denim bow ties for my 4 boys for Christmas last Saturday night.

I didn’t follow a pattern.

I silenced the “shoulds”.

I didn’t worry about wasting my time or imperfections.

I just sewed.

And it was liberating.