A Pissed Off Pro-Lifer

A unique perspective from a person within the new breed of pro-lifers.

I'm a pissed off pro-lifer. Given that transparent statement, you probably assume that I am currently on my way, along with fellow middle-aged friends, to a church-organized protest outside an abortion clinic where I will hold up my “Abortion Doctors Go to Hell” sign while simultaneously hurling inflammatory insults at young women. Well, if you couldn't already tell by my hyperbolical sarcasm, I'm not on my way to such an event; I’m not that type of pro-lifer. I don’t justify my pro-life stance with religion. I don't slander people on the opposite side of the aisle from me. And lastly, I'm not old; I'm 18 years old.

While many people perceive the aforementioned archaic breed of pro-lifers as the overwhelming majority within the movement, this newer breed of pro-lifers, the breed to which I proudly belong, is increasingly obtaining a substantial holding within the pro-life community. My generation, occasionally coined “Generation Z,” has been polled as the most pro-life generation since abortion was federally legalized. Why? Well, the answer certainly isn't found in religion. Generation Z has also been polled as one of the least religious generations in modern American history. I believe the answer to why my generation, an extremely liberal generation, is predominantly pro-life lies in the ascension of science, technology, and reason. My generation places increasing trust in concrete sources of truth such as science, while placing decreasing trust in abstract sources of truth such as religion. It is logical, then, to hypothesize that the rise of scientific evidence that seems to support the pro-life cause is the main driving force behind the anti-abortion views of Generation Z.

Generation Z also places a large emphasis on personal liberty. Many within Generation Z are in support of gay marriage as well as the legalization of marijuana. Generation Z is somewhat libertarian. With this flare of libertarianism within Generation Z, brings a large passion for individual freedoms. You mix the scientific progress that seems to support the pro-life cause with a demographic of people who hold passion for individual liberty and you get Generation Z: the most pro-life generation since the all-important Roe v. Wade court decision.

The new breed of pro-lifers, predominantly composed of younger generations, put forth evidence grounded in science and reason to support the pro-life cause. Yet, it is the older breed of pro-lifers, those who ground their arguments in religion, that possess the media spotlight. This is what truly pisses me off. Arguing for the right to life by citing that the concept of abortion contradicts your religion is inherently unconstitutional. You cannot ban something because it contradicts your personal religion; your personal beliefs carry no weight regarding the legality of another person’s decisions. Despite the fact that the religious argument against abortion is easily destroyed, it is the people who utilize this argument that garner all the media spotlight regarding the pro-life movement. That pisses me off. It is not the people who wield this failed philosophy that anger me; I believe that they are all attempting to save lives. It isn't religion that pisses me off either; I am a Christian myself. The fact that the world is being blinded to a sect of the pro-life movement that provides constitutionally sound, scientifically based support for the pro-life cause pisses me off.

The older breed of the pro-life movement is unintentionally being counter-productive. They not only use ineffective arguments but they also inadvertently paint the pro-life community as one full of naivety, ignorance, and bigotry. I believe that once the newer breed of pro-lifers get the nation’s attention, major change will occur. I have referred to my generation as “Generation Z” throughout this post, but I hope that when someone reads about my generation in a history book a hundred years from now, it will be labeled “Generation L”; “L” for liberty… “L” for life.

I'm a pissed off pro-lifer apart of a pissed off generation, and we are ready to change the world.

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