How JPMorgan’s Job Shadow Day Cast a Light on Career Pathways for Youth

by Genesys Works Bay Area

How many jobs did it take for you to get to your current position?

For JPMorgan Chase employees sharing their stories with Genesys Works students and alumni, their average was 6. From selling pizzas, to non-profit development, to contract coding work, sharing their adventures (and misadventures) in different jobs was meant to show students who are just starting to figure out their futures that there’s more than one career path for everyone. And that they can, in fact, access jobs at a prominent local company like JPMorgan Chase.

Thursday’s Job Shadow event was part of Tipping Point Community’s SF Gives corporate challenge, where more than half a dozen local companies are challenged to open their doors to local youth, and diversify and develop the talent pipeline in our region. With the growing gap between the number of tech jobs and young diverse candidates filling those jobs, these events are more important than ever.

“Job Shadow Day is important because it exposes young people like me to careers they might not have known existed. It opens your mind to different things,” said Azaj Doe’Parker, one of the Genesys Works interns who participated in the JPMorgan Chase event. “The exposure is empowering.”

Even though she wants to pursue Interior Design, Azaj said that advice from Chase employees about having a growth mindset, managing personal finances early, and being open-minded about different jobs was incredibly helpful. Another shocking fact students like Azaj learned: that JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the biggest tech employers in the nation! “Once you know what’s out there,” she says, “that puts you one step further than someone who doesn’t.”

The event was enriching for the JPMorgan Chase employees too. “For years, we’ve been proud to support Genesys Work with both our philanthropic and human capital. It was a privilege to host their incredible students, spark the joys of mentoring, and learn from our respective human experiences. We see hope for the future in these young leaders and changemakers,” says Rami Soudah of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPMorgan has demonstrated their commitment to building tomorrow’s workforce and fighting poverty by investing $100,000 in Genesys Works to support scaling the program throughout the Bay Area. They have also been a part of SF Gives since 2015, and continue to look for ways to develop a local employee base by engaging with youth.

On behalf of the students, alumni, and staff at Genesys Works, thank you to the Chase Digital Office, JPMorgan, and Tipping Point Community employees for providing such an impactful opportunity for Genesys Works students! As our Executive Director, Peter Katz, says: “Anytime that our students can connect with and get insight from working professionals, it helps to further them along on their journey in realizing their dreams.”

Find out how Tipping Point Community’s SF Gives effort brings local companies together to fight poverty and build a diverse local talent pipeline here. And learn how Genesys Works equips and empowers low-income youth to build pathways to professional careers at our website.

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