Christian -Do I Scare You?

What about me scares you so?

Do I remind you of the you no one else knows?

Maybe it’s easier to point out my sin

Than it is to get to know me and understand where I’ve been

Is it the clothes, smell or scars?

Your blank stares and judgement tell me who you are

You are the Christian that stays inside

You made the Church a safe haven from all the “evil doers” outside

I know I’m just a sinner that knows no religion

But can’t evil also surround the pews that you sit in?

What’s the message your Christ came to give?

Is He the one that told you to avoid where I play, eat and live?

I thought you were supposed to love like Jesus

And tell me He came here to free us

Will needle marks, tattoos or an expectant belly

Distract you from telling me what you’re supposed to tell me?

Maybe you haven’t been honest or can’t quite admit

That you are just as capable of committing the very same sins

Except maybe you don’t and He’s the reason why

So what’s keeping you from sharing Him with me tonight?

Seems pretty straight forward so I’ll still be here waiting

To learn of a Savior that I heard says I’m worth saving.