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2 min readApr 14, 2022

Genius X, a revolutionary business accelerator on Cardano, is collaborating with Smart Places, the first platform using the Connect2Earn that rewards users for connecting and interacting.

On traditional social media platforms, the data monetization model is simple. You get a free service, while the platform monetizes your data. In a closed centralized system it’s impossible to know what type of data is being shared and how it’s being shared and used.

Smart Places aims to change the current data monetization model.
If you decide to share your data, you will be rewarded by the ecosystem. By utilizing blockchain technology, data will be monetized in a decentralized zero-knowledge environment.

Early adopters (Smart Places Pioneers) of Smart Places have the option to buy Smart Places NFT land plots representing real world locations. Land plot owners will get rewarded for interactions and data monetization that happens on their land plots. They will also have access to early voting and will be part of forming the social ecosystem from an early stage.

Genius X will provide Smart Places with public relations, marketing, resources, including initiating collaborations between Smart Places and NFT-marketplaces, in addition to other value-adding partners.

Hung Lee, CEO, Smart Places:
“-We’re really happy about partnering up with Genius X.
Their knowledge on blockchain has been important for us after we chose Cardano. The Cardano ecosystem is growing with an incredible pace and to work with the competent team at Genius X is a real pleasure”.

Genius X services include a launchpad for fully vetted and innovative startups to crowdfund and launch on Cardano. It is an accelerator program that provides Cardano-based startups with all the tools and support required for long-term success.

Smart Places is part of the Genius X program and is one of the three initial startups for Genius X whose funding round begins on April 11, 2022.

About the Smart Places Protocol

Smart Places Protocol uses a Connect2Earn model to reward users for interacting with each other in the metaverse while offering privacy and control.

For more information about the Smart Places Protocol project, check out the links below.







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