Meet Christopher Fox, the Founder of Syncresis and Member of the Genius X Advisory Program

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Christopher Fox is the Managing Partner and Founder of Syncresis. Syncresis helps innovators connect and engage with the right audiences.

They also develop and execute thought leadership strategies especially for financial innovators.

Christopher is among the first group of experts joining the Genius X Advisory Program.

In this exclusive interview he tells us about his career, inspirations, and what he brings to Genius X as an advisor.

Please introduce yourself: What’s your specialty and role in Syncresis?

I am the Founder and Managing Partner of Syncresis. I started the firm in 2007. The company provides consulting and content creation services for financial innovators. This wide category includes large global incumbent banks in the traditional finance space, unicorn fintech disruptors, and startups focused on crypto and DeFi.

How and when did you get involved in crypto?

I’ve been following crypto since 2017 as it first began to capture more interest from banks and investment managers. In addition to researching trends within the various ecosystems, I attended industry and group events in Los Angeles. Early on, I realized that the crypto community faced challenges in its messaging and communication approach. Early adopters and community members were excellent at engaging with each other but struggling to get the message out about the broader meaning and business value of crypto. I began working with companies in the crypto space to help bridge those communication gaps, as well as supporting large financial institutions with crypto messaging and thought leadership.

What lessons have you learnt during your professional journey?

I have learned that the ultimate business values are kindness, clarity, and focus. The combination of these sits at the center of everything I do and guides how I choose clients for Syncresis. In addition, I have learned two fundamental principles of marketing and communication: 1) Attention is a limited and non-renewable resource. Communicators have a moral obligation to earn it and use it well. 2) Transgression is generative. New thinking requires crossing the lines of old norms.

How did you learn about the Genius Ecosystem

Bartosz Antoniak, Head of Marketing at Genius Yield and Genius X, was part of the marketing team for a prior Syncresis client. He introduced me to Laurent Bellandi. In subsequent conversations, we saw a great fit between my experience and the needs of projects in the Genius X Accelerator Program.

How would you describe Genius X? What features about Genius X drew you to the Advisory Program?

Genius X is a program that provides support to founders of innovative early-stage Web3 projects in the Cardano ecosystem. I was drawn because the projects brought into the program deliver compelling innovations with a strong business case behind them. I also find it satisfying to help the next generation of innovators get traction and thrive.

How will you use your experience to support Genius X projects?

I’ve been through several waves of digital innovation in my 25+ year career, from the earliest websites to the dotcom boom to Web2.0 and now the emerging Web3 landscape. Although the technology changes, some principles remain consistent. Companies need to position and differentiate themselves and give both users and investors a reason to believe. I have worked at companies at all stages of maturity and seen the factors that determine success or failure. With that experience, I can work with projects to get the best of both worlds — overcoming the limits of the present while using proven practices to take innovation to market.

What would be the best advice you could give to a startup?

Never forget that the product you are building represents a case for change. Your efforts only mean something if they help people do something better or do something they previously could not do. Your deepest motivations for change become the seed of your brand identity and positioning. The more you establish yourself as a thought leader in solving the problem only you can solve, telling the story only you can tell, the more you unlock further innovation and commercial success. Even as you focus on implementation challenges, be sure to devote time to visible thought leadership as well.

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