World’s First Multi-Token ISPO — By Genius X

  1. Stake Pools — GENS1, GENS2, GENS3, and GENSX
  2. Staking Rewards Allocation — Staking rewards across the four stake pools will be split equally between each startup. Some of the ADA rewards will be paid to Genius X as fees to cover marketing and operations.
  3. ISPO period — The ISPO will last 25 epochs, or around four months.
  4. Development Stage — Startups accepted for the multi-token ISPO needed to have a proven track of development and prospects for growth.
  • Unique opportunity to get tokens from multiple projects within one ISPO. Delegators get five different tokens for their ADA delegation instead of the typical ISPO where they receive only one token. Operations of the Multi-Token ISPO will be handled by Maestro, a participant in the Genius X Accelerator Program.
  • ADA delegated to a stake pool is non-custodial and therefore the user’s funds never leave their wallet, with the delegator always retaining full control of their funds.
  • Delegator’s funds are never locked, with the delegator always maintaining the ability to withdraw or transfer their ADA.
  • ISPOs have no KYC, making them accessible and pseudonymous, as anyone with any amount of ADA and a personal crypto wallet can participate.
  • ISPOs are also low risk, as the principal of a delegator is never at risk. If the startup fails, delegators only risk losing the potential ~ 4–5% APY in staking rewards.
  1. Create a wallet — Get a personal crypto wallet that can hold ADA and that allows you to delegate your ADA. Some popular wallets for ADA include Eternl or Nami (before downloading any software always confirm you are using the correct site). Safely store your private keys, or spending password. Losing your keys means losing your funds forever.
  2. Buy ADA — Exchange your fiat currency for ADA through a trading platform, such as a centralized exchange (CEX). Some popular CEXs include Binance, Coinbase,, FTX, Kraken, or Kucoin. Your access to these exchanges can vary by your country of residence.
  3. After buying ADA on an exchange, transfer the ADA to your personal crypto wallet.
  4. Delegate your ADA to one of the four GENS stake pools: GENS1, GENS2, GENS3, or GENSX — Open your personal crypto wallet and delegate to one of the four GENS stake pools. Follow the delegation instructions unique to your wallet of choice. For Eternl, click on the “Staking” tab and under “Filter Pools” type in the name of one of the GENS pools in the search bar. Press the “Delegate” button and complete the transaction which requires a small Cardano network transaction fee.
  5. Confirm your delegation — Confirm your delegation by going back to Eternl’s “Staking” tab where you should see the pool you are currently delegated to under “Delegated Pools”. On the “Account” tab in the “Rewards History” section, you’ll also see the pool listed for ADA staking rewards in upcoming epochs.
  1. Smart Places ($SMART), 900,000,000: Connect-2-Earn social matchmaking application incentivising real-life interactions
  2. Ledgity ($LTY), 82,800,000: Digital wealth management platform bridging Centralized and Decentralized Finance, bringing private banking to the masses
  3. Outlaws Brawl ($HYN), 300,000: A multiplayer online First & Third Person Shooter game set in the Hell Hyenas Motorcycle Club universe
  4. Reach Metaverse ($REACH), 16,650,000: ‘Metaverse-as-a-Service’ — Infrastructure and hosting provider
  5. Drunken Dragon ($DG), 60,000,000: An Autonomous Fantasy Franchise with Decentralized Intellectual Property where fans can contribute proposals to shape the development of their universe



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Genius X

Genius X

Genius X an accelerator program launched by the world class team behind Genius Yield. Our goal is to foster innovations on Cardano.