Why Indians just cannot Master the skill of Spoken English

Shocked or amused? No matter, where ever you travel in any corner of India. You will definitely find different kinds of English spoken in different accents and different ways. Adding to the glory, the diversified culture and the diversified nationalities, have given such an influence! That in every different corner of the country, you will get to find different kind of accents and oh yes, dear different kind of lingos as well, that will certainly leave you in an amused and surprised, banging on your head enough to make you end up in an confused state.

Beginning with Delhi, the city much influenced with the Punjabi clan and its linked festivities, which have left its impression on some people’s mind so deep, that they have forgotten that it’s not just the British English or UK English, it has all transformed in to some different form of English.

Thankfully, there are people, who have understood well, these fundamentals and have been able to understand the thin line difference between the main forms of English.

Let us take you to the other northern areas of northern India, where the development and the modernization is just close to zero.

The glorified English is just, way disrupted and modified so much so, that the basic words like English, Polish or the Publish, are Engliss, Poliss and Publiss. Right or Wrong? The truth is Indians, are so proud of their diversification and the varied cultures that they have just forgotten to see the difference between the right and the wrong.

Don’t laugh, or get amused, the rest of the sections of India are left. Let’s enter to the south Indian arena. Where clearly, the words like Water, sounds more of like Waderr and the words like Rigid or rapid, they are pronounced as Rigiddd or Rapidd, with too over the top influence eon the letters of D and T.

Then comes the East and West. Comparatively, the eastern section of India, is still scoring higher them the rest of the people from the other corners, where the accents and the vocabulary is still better used. You happened to meet any north eastern citizen of India, you will have the dominant flaws in their language, much represented in their way of speaking and yes, the errors will be there surely.

The Need: To make India, standing out , with a much well spoken & fluent citizens, there is a serious need to come out with something, which is possible only through the platforms like Genlish, a revolution to help people, walk on the right path to learn English on Phone.

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