Meet Our Lead Investor: TenX Health
Oct 25 · 3 min read

Over the past year Team Genomes has made considerable progress! From building a 12 strong international team with expertise in secure encryption, blockchain and genomics, to being selected out of 400 applicants to participate in Consensys Lab’s Tachyon Accelerator, and strategic agreements with technology giant Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), DNA sequencing companies and rare disease organisations.

In this update we’d like to introduce our lead investor TenX Health!

TenX Health is Europe’s first VC dedicated to health technology. It was launched on a passion for healthcare and to back the acceleration of technology into the NHS, consumers and global health systems that need better access to healthcare.

TenX Health was launched by Joe Stringer and Dr Pooja Siika. They had previously set up the Ventures practice at EY (Ernst & Young) and have first hand experience of what it really takes for health technology startups to be successful.

Alongside Joe and Pooja are a wider team of portfolio directors, managers and analysts with considerable expertise and experience in the health tech venture capital industry.

In addition, TenX Health are proud to present a 15 strong, world-beating advisory board across a huge scope of industries to guide investment decisions and support the portfolio companies. These advisors include key thought-leaders in the NHS, successful health tech entrepreneurs, health ministers and health tech venture partners. They have an unparalleled collective knowledge base to successfully scale early stage startups and guide them through an industry often difficult to navigate alone.

TenX Health take a unique approach with their portfolio companies. They will take a seat on our board and take a hands-on approach offering technology and product support, scale up and market support in UK and NHS, partnership strategy, operating model, talent acquisition and culture, emerging market entry and wider relationship management with key NHS influencers, health sector leaders and tech companies. Through doing so, TenX Health will be principally be concerned with positioning the business for scale, whereas infrastructure development support (including blockchain and secure encryption technologies) will be the principal focus points for Consensys Labs and our technical collaborators AMD and Consensys.

Here is a testimonial from Joe Stringer, Managing Partner and Co-founder of TenX Health:

As previously mentioned, we are delighted to have TenX Health on-board as the lead investor in our current investment round! We already have a close working relationship with them in London and they will be instrumental in making the success we all believe it will be!

They also share our enthusiasm for taking the round back to Crowdcube to allow even more of our early believers to get involved in the round. is a technology that empowers the individual by giving them full privacy, security, control and ownership of their genomic data. We put the power back in the hands of the individual. We want to reward those who individuals who share our vision at this early-stage with a piece of

Invest anything from £10 through our Crowdcube pitch page today!

Do let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be in touch soon!


Team Genomes
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