Apple, Google, IBM Hiring W/O College Degree

Once unthinkable: Three large corporations have dropped the college-degree requirement in their hiring policies.

As Axios explains, Apple, Google, and IBM no longer require applicants to have earned a college degree. Among the reasons for this is to increase diversity in the corporation.

The implications of this initiative are staggering.

To begin with, you no longer have to go the entrepreneurial route, like Steve Jobs, in order to make a good living without a college degree. Now, it’s possible to navigate the hiring process for a job as an employee in a large corporation on your skills, intelligence, and whatever, even though you didn’t go to or finish college.

Incidentally, way back when it was possible to land a full-time job in journalism without a college degree.

Another consequence could be that the young and confident will first attempt to be hired at an Apple or IBM before they apply to colleges. If they are hired, they may never go to college. Or, if they do, the corporation’s tuition assistance program could help with the expense. No more student loan debt.

A third possible impact is that the national mindset will shift from You Must Go To College to Figure Out If You Have To Go To College (or even want to).

A fourth implication is that higher education could be shaken to the core. The pool of traditional applicants is declining in number. This is an additional threat to many private colleges which are small, expensive, and located in rural areas. They might not survive.

A fifth could be reflections among so many of us Baby Boomers who were socialized to believe The More Education The Better. Could we have stopped our formal education after high school? After all, back then the public education system was still solid.

Had I not been hammered with the notion that a college education was a must I would have applied for any kind of job at the local Jersey Journal. Yes, any.

It wasn’t until after doctoral studies that I finally tried journalism — at age 31. Funny thing, in grade school, my writing was already being published in newspapers. No one in authority listened to me when I said I wanted to me a writer. They told me that I wanted to get all the education I could.

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