Bessie’s Hope — 2017 Programs of Distinction Designee

Bessie’s Hope provides education and training for youth and their leaders/teachers, so as to ensure meaningful interactions with nursing home elders of all levels of cognitive functioning, including those with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease.

With structured, ongoing visits that are facilitated by Bessie’s Hope, mutually rewarding, life-changing relationships are cultivated between youth of all ages and the nursing home elders.

Bessie’s Hope is the only organization in the country with the focus of enhancing the lives of nursing home elders, as well as transforming the lives of at-risk youth.

In their relationship-cultivating work, the service sites are elder care facilities.

While they work youth from preschool through high school and from all socioeconomic levels, a large percentage come from programs for disadvantaged and at-risk youth, including residential treatment centers for teens who have significant behavioral issues.

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