Generations United’s Statement in Support of Vaccines for All Ages

When it comes to good health, we need an all generations approach. Vaccines are seatbelts against illness that protect children, elders and families.

That’s why Generations United — with support from Pfizer — launched Valuing Vaccinations Across Generations, an international awareness-raising campaign, with the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

We believe it’s important to encourage people to wear a #bandAGEofhonor and protect their family and others by ensuring their vaccinations are up to date.

Vaccinations are an important part of good health throughout the life course. We are committed to building healthy intergenerational communities where people of all ages are valued and can thrive. That includes us helping people understand and embrace the responsibility they have not just to themselves but to their families, friends and communities.

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