Hebrew SeniorLife — 2017 Programs of Distinction Designee

Hebrew SeniorLife (HSL) knows that pairing seniors with students creates meaningful connections that change lives.

In response, HSL has developed a robust multigenerational program to provide social and cognitive enrichments to seniors across the spectrum of care and students from pre-school through college age.

Across their six residential senior living and care communities, there are more than 75 multigenerational partnership programs taking place in a given year.

Over the past seven years, the multigenerational program has become a focused organizational priority that engages dedicated staff, connects HSL more deeply to its surrounding communities, and supports the emotional and intellectual well-being of youth, and the older adults in our care.

Each of HSL’s senior care communities has a distinct resident/patient culture that requires unique programming to meet the needs of seniors.

Moreover, the demographics of each community vary greatly. As a result, their multigenerational programs are diverse, ranging from shared reading programs with pre-school students and seniors in long-term chronic care, to a college level nurse training program with older adults living independently, and everything in between.

Their multigenerational programs reach an estimated 750 patients/residents and 1,000 students annually.

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