KAFASI RSVP Mentor Program — 2017 Programs of Distinction Designee

Retired and Senior Volunteer mentoring program is an intergenerational program of the Kenosha Area Family & Aging Services that serves students in Wisconsin’s Kenosha Unified Schools.

Adults 55 years and up serve as positive role models for students in grades Kindergarten-12 who are in need of help with academic, social or life skills.

Mentors are matched with students based on the age of the student, gender and school the mentor would like to serve at. Students are identified for the RSVP Mentoring Program through school staff, parent recommendation and consent.

RSVP Mentoring creates a path for intergenerational connections through an in-school relationship-based mentoring program to form long-lasting positive relationships with students in Kenosha Unified Schools.

RSVP mentors make at least a nine-month commitment to mentoring a student 30-45 minutes per week while school is in session.

Mentors function as supportive, caring role models. Mentors model positive, responsible behavior, encourage communication, and demonstrate goal setting and problem solving techniques with their mentees.

Mentors enhance their mentee’s social relationships and emotional well-being, improve cognitive functioning through conversation and joint activities to form supportive relationships with their mentees.

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