Submission Guidelines for Guest Posts

Interested in sharing your story to our Medium Blog? Check out the guidelines below and contact Alan King to share your stories.

Post Title, Content, & Word Count

Your content must be original and cannot be plagiarized. Articles must have a title and should be 500–700 words in length. If your article is more than 600 words, we may choose to shorten your article or create a series (i.e., multi-part post).

Include a picture when possible (and remember to give credit to the source)

Please submit a brief bio, including your title (e.g., Professional Organizer, Engineer, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, etc.)

Posting Date

Articles are scheduled based on openings on the Together Blog editorial calendar. Dates are subject to change. You can submit a post at any time and, if we decide to use it, we’ll let you know when it will be published. Note: we’ll tell you if we are unable to use your article.


*Articles will be edited for grammar and clarity. We reserve the right to make changes to the content and title.” That said, your message will be conveyed as you intend it. It is important to us that your voice comes through your post (and not that of the blog owner).

Helpful tips on the tone of your blog post

· Be casual. Most blog readers don’t generally respond to a formal, authoritative tone. Try to write in a tone that’s natural, casual, and almost conversational. Imagine that you’re writing for a guy who’s sitting in his cubicle during his lunch break.

· Remember, it’s a conversation. Keep the discussion open. You don’t have to tie up all the loose ends and answer all questions by the end of a blog post. In fact, it’s better to leave some questions asked and unanswered. Treat the first few paragraphs of your post as an invitation to hear your unique view; use the last couple of paragraphs to invite them into the conversation.

· Encourage comments from readers. Ask questions at the end of your post, when possible.