Pretty much that whole passage is a regurgitation of the Commie Manifesto.
John Frendo

My response was explicitly Marxist, and formed from a Marxist analysis, you pointing that out means nothing.

Jamestown. Jamestown is just one of many early colonial settlements, to look solely at that, without taking into consideration the others, as well as the historical period of economic development, namely pre-industrial, pre-commodity production, while also not considering the material conditions the colonialists were responding to, would be a shallow and naive understanding of the period.

The material conditions of today, particularly our technological advancement and our ability to produce an over-abundance of socially necessary resources, are vastly different. To compare contemporary 21st Century society to early 17th Century colonialism is absurd, reductionist, and belies a deep ignorance of historical development on your part.

More than that, and leading in to your second point, to completely disregard the development of capitalism, particularly the colonialist, imperialist variety, reveals either an underlying agenda you’re trying to push or a deep ignorance of capitalist history and development. Not considering the genocide of the indigenous American population in the settling, growth, and expansion of early American colonies, and the brutality with which that expansion was carried out, as well as the utilization of slavery in general, and African chattel slavery in particular, in building this country, reveals you’re perfectly fine with disregarding the sins of capitalism in your quest to paint communism as “evil.”

To your second point. The “Black Book of Communism” claims that communism has killed 94 million people since 1917. Well, let’s compare this to modern global capitalism.

- 8 million people a year die from a lack of clean water.

- 7.6 million people a year die from hunger.

- 3 million people a year die from curable diseases.

- 500 thousand people a year die from malaria.

Or, to put it shortly, AT LEAST 20,000,000 people die annually from easily preventable deaths because capitalism relies on scarcity in order to generate exchange-value (profit) for the capitalist class.

Capitalism kills more people in 5 years than the Black Book claims communism has killed in the last century.

I recommend you take a step outside the propaganda bubble you’ve been inculcated in and learn about some real shit, namely, the historical class struggle in freeing the mass of people from the yoke of a ruling class the waxes fat and insolent off the labor of others.

Wherever capitalism appears, in pursuit of its mission of exploitation, there will Socialism, fertilized by misery, watered by tears, and vitalized by agitation be also found, unfurling its class-struggle banner and proclaiming its mission of emancipation.

-Eugene V. Debs

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