Pure scare tactic.
Rena Distasio

The solution is for doctors, nurses, administrative staff, maintenance staff, janitorial staff, cafeteria staff, and so on, to manage the hospital themselves through consensus decision making and to collaborate with their political counterparts to guarantee debt-free access to every man, woman, and child in the community the hospital serves. Same with education; the teachers, students, administrative staff, and so on, should manage the schools themselves and collaborate with their political counterparts to guarantee debt-free access.

We currently don’t build and staff hospitals and provide medical care in the interests of serving the people and fixing what ails them (use-value), we do these things to generate profit (exchange-value) for a minority ruling class. A result of this, is access to this socially necessary resource is conditioned on the ability of a person to generate a profit for insurance companies who position themselves betwixt the two a charge a fee for privileged access. Poor and working people get the short end of the stick, and relatively well-off people are so afraid of losing their own access they align their interests with a ruling class who will throw them under the bus the moment it’s economically and politically convenient for them to do so.

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