A Call To Action

What on earth is going on?

We live in a world when the leader of the ‘free world’ has signed an order to ban people from entering the US if they are coming from one of 7 predominantly muslim countries. We live in a world where eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50%. We live in a world where you the reader are aware of these instances and more of them and thus needs to fight back! Fight back against Trump and what he represents, liberalism and capitalism. We as a people need to recognize that these systems are illegitimate and oppressive.

I don’t act as though I understand the perfect alternative, I really don’t. What I do know however is that liberalism has been practically unchallenged in western politics since probably the arresting of Eugene Debs. We as a collective need to figure out our future, because soon enough this current system will lead us into nothing short of fascism and disarray.

Frankly we’re probably already living in it. They monitor everything, continue wars in countries they don’t belong and lead campaigns and policies built on racism. It’s depressing.

However the future can be bright. We need to unify and act in solidarity against this. Stop blaming the brown person down the road for your issues and start blaming the corporations and politicians who are responsible. They seek to solidify and maintain their power and stature at the cost of leaving the rest of us behind, leaving us poorer, angrier and more divisive.

This is why they need to learn to work for us. Their oppressive rule needs to end, for the sake of our liberties and our future generations who will feel the plight of our inaction through increasing global warming and other such pernicious developments, propagated by our CEOs and Presidents.

If we act we have the possibility of living in a world in which we could progress and work not just for the conquest of capital, but more so for the progress of us and the world. This is a world in which we could go to school not just to ensure a job as most do but more to learn and better ourselves.

Furthermore we need to fight to make a world where everyone is respected because we will no longer be turned against each other by those who rule with their iron fist. A world where everyone has a voice and vote because we would no longer need representatives in our houses of commons and our congresses; NO! The people would be informed enough to vote and voice an opinion for what and or who they like, fringing the centralised government! A true democracy.

We need this world, this world of equality, peace and sharing for not only is it us who’ll continue to pay if we don’t; the world and our aforementioned descendants will. And this is the main point, what we could do in a movement can insure freedom, fairness, friendship and our world for centuries.

So organise, educate and realise our collective potential, for it is boundless. And to those who imagine I am just a idealist teenager with no grasp on reality, you’re correct. I’m a post cold war teenager who doesn’t posses the same fear of alternatives as do my elders and thus I reject this reality because I know of the egoism, oppression and exploitation which results from it.

The world can be better.