Admitting Defeat: The Choice To Be Quirkyalone
Michaela Chung

Great article, well done for being so honest. Wish more women, especially younger ones, would read this.

Its unfortunate that too many men in this day and age see dating, sex, and love as a short term “fun” endeavour, and that a partner can just be swapped once they start feeling limited/bored/dissatisfied etc etc. This myth is perpetuated by the media, and it causes trainwrecks in relationships.

Unfortunately its hard for a man to see past a pretty face at first… just is.

If you’re interested in my 5c of advice (as a man)……....when you’re interested in someone, let him get to know you so well that he is able to see past the superficial BEFORE you “date”. Make him wait. That takes time. lots of it. You need to filter out all those men who are interested in only the superficial.

The one man who is truly interested in your soul will pursue you, regardless. The rest will fall away and look for an easier conquest. (they weren’t worth it anyway).

And by making him wait, you will also have to make yourself wait and take things slowly. That’s the best way to guard your heart too….you will also then know if he truly wants a long term relationship with you…and with you only.

Let him pursue you…its good for him.

And sex, well, again the longer you wait the more likely you’ll be to filter out the many men who are mostly interested in sex. A man who is prepared to make a lifetime commitment to a women before sex…he is truly worth holding on to.

Maybe this sounds boring and traditional. Its not the stuff of glossy magazines or 90 min romantic comedies. But then magazines and movies are there just to entertain (and to make money).

But we live with our hearts daily.

thanks again for the article.