And after all, we’re only ordinary men…

Well, that’s how the old Pink Floyd/Roger Water’s song goes but after watching Jordan Peele’s extraordinary horror SF movie US, I’d say Peele has succeeded writing nothing less than a stark allegory of the rise of modern fascism in America.

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Where to start? The depiction of the horror of the emerging enemy within is brilliantly wrapped up in all the tropes of what seems to be the standard American horror movie.

We’ve got the family on holidays. Check. …

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The internet is broken. Stupidity has won. When the alien archeologists finally arrive and pore over the remains of our early 21st century communications they’ll come to this conclusion:

How has it come to this? An endless blackhole of dumbass stupidity. In Australia, what used to be one of the most respected broadsheet newspapers in the land; the Sydney Morning Herald, now features headlines like — ‘Yo, Millionaires Don’t Want You To Know This Insane Trick To Lose 5Kg of Body Fat From Your Anus, Whoa’.

Well, maybe I exaggerated about the ‘Yo’. …

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We’ll it’s upon us again. The annual festival of over caffeinated writing which is National Novel Writing month, or NaNoWriMo 2016.

This year I’m participating.

I’ve also decided to blog and podcast about the experience. I’m hoping to learn something through the month that you might get some value out of.

So why have I taken up this challenge?

Simple. To challenge myself. I’ve been writing ABOUT writing and the business of self publishing for years. I wanted to polish my story chops and tackle a novel. I have been working on a novel for the past couple of years, but like many people have struggled to find the time and dedication to complete it. …


Geoff Hughes

SF Writer and host of the eBook Revolution Podcast. Founder of Madhouse Media Publishing.

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