Black people do not have super powers. We are not extra strong or born with built-in kevlar skin. We don’t get “more powerful” after you shoot us one time, not even if we’re high or otherwise impaired.

We are not, in short, mutants, aliens, cyborgs or, and I know this is hard for some of you, animals. We’re people. Just normal people. Yes, even the criminals are people who are, you should know already, a TINY, TINY subset of all people (whatever their skin color).

And, like all the other people in this country, we are also, all of us, completely innocent until someone PROVES a crime was committed. It should also be noted that the penalty for being found guilty of a crime in the United States is almost never summary execution. Courts decide if someone dies for a crime they have committed.

If these simple truths were followed and believed, we wouldn’t all be back here AGAIN.

If unarmed black people terrify you so much, it’s very possible police work is not the best job for you. Scared people shouldn’t be armed. Scared people make stupid snap decisions that they often regret later and that’s when no guns are involved. If you’re prone to being scared of people, you shouldn’t have a gun.

COOL heads and SOBER minds should be the ones policing our streets. If that’s not you, you should put down the gun and the badge.

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