It’s easy for me to start something new. But it takes a long time before I am comfortable enough to share, publish, or use the new skill. I’ve been wanting to start writing for a while now and I’ve saved up quite a number of topics to write about. However, the first writing has been challenging for me to produce. So, here it is, a confession that I am just going to start, right here, and I’m not very comfortable with it. I’ll probably have grammatical errors and I’m sure I could do this much better if I waited years down the road after I could study more. But I just have too many things to share that I don't want to keep holding it in.

If you don’t like what I write, please don’t read it. As a disclaimer about how I think and what goes on in my head, I’ve found very few people in my life that I felt think like me. I now hope to find more… I tend to think about many levels of interconnected aspects about life, and find patterns. So if I don’t make sense, just move along. If you have something constructive or positive to say, please offer it.

I believe that one of the highest value things we can give to another is a reference to knowledge. It is likely that I will write about things I learn and aspects of my life as I live it out, with references to the resources I have found valuable. The most I could hope for is that what I learn and share could help others and in tern that you would keep passing the references to help others too.


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