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Beer Production

African regions continue to see further advancement in Blockchain adoption, with the beer brewing megacompany AB InBev providing new sources of revenue for ingredients grown and sourced from farms across the continent.

InBev is a Belgium company in the food, drink, and tobacco industry with a market cap of over 89 Billion USD. Some of the more famous brands in their product line include Budweiser, Stella Artois, and Skol.

The company just recently was included in the Forbes top 50 blockchain companies, and will very likely open up more discussion for the alcohol markets and ingredient sourcing potential possible across Africa. …

Decentralized Ecosystems Full Guide (DEFG)

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Decentralized Ecosystems for everyone

What is DeCo? (Decentralized Ecosystem)

Imagine a world where we have more people contributing to cures for medicine, qualified doctors, Healthcare workers, Designers, Scientists, and professionals with skills across all industries. With our current system, people are not afforded loans to attend school, start businesses, or provide to society freely and easily. They face constant and undefeatable problems in current society, where the elite grow further, and the ones who need help most, suffer.

With DeCo, all of these people can receive the foundation they need and deserve, opening up access to receive an equal opportunity to systems necessary for life online. …

Decentralization is taking back control, but what does that really mean, and what ripple effects are likely to happen?

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Wild West Business

The Wild West

From the 1600s until the 1900s, you could say that people took care of themselves, their own land, and protecting their assets. When local security couldn’t use technology to track down thieves and all sorts of criminals, it was difficult to do anything to catch and arrest them. There was no other option than to take responsibility and hold yourself accountable.

In the following article, we will cover 3 System choices;

  1. Current Systems (Centralized)
  2. 100 % Decentralized Systems
  3. Decentralized but Regulated Systems

Controlling your own finances

Centralized systems

Traditional banking comes with many problems, including overseeing eyes, restrictions on how, when, or even where you can get access to money. We receive fees on top for many basic transactions including global transfer, currency exchange, ATM withdrawal, Account closing, and overdraft breaches. …


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