With higher quality.

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Many people who are entering the programming field have difficulties learning to program. Programming is really complex for those just starting out, especially because of the diversity of new languages ​​and tools available on the market, which further increases the range of choices.

But the question that remains: Do you know why you should learn to program as quickly as possible? Don’t worry, I’ll list the 8 steps below for you to quickly learn to program with higher quality.

1. What NOT to do

This step is to help you not slow down your learning, and get rid of some addictions right at the start.

With these, I got my first job.

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An array is a data structure that consists of an array of data, something like an array.

The correct handling of the arrays can facilitate many complex processes to do or consume many resources if you try to do them manually. That is why I will go over the array methods that you will use a lot as a programmer.

Map ()

The map () method is called with a period after the array. This generates a callback that will receive each element of the array. …

Hacks that I learned from reading the Clean Codebook

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When developing systems, it is common for us to create functions in our code. A function is a piece of code that performs some specific operation. It can be used several times anywhere in the system. Functions bring some advantages in the development of systems such as:

  • Facilitates development.
  • System organization.
  • Code reuse.

I’ll share seven tips for using functions that I learned from reading the Clean Codebook.

1. Give good names for functions

One of the first things to write a function is to give it a good name. The function must have a name that reveals its meaning. We should avoid names that confuse…

Because not every programmer can become a good programmer.

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It is not true that everyone can become a good programmer, just as not everyone can become a good doctor, a musician playing world tours, or a professional driver covering tens of thousands of kilometers month by month.

As in any other profession, success in programming results from hard work, talent, and a certain set of features and skills. In this article, we’ll find out what they are and what should a candidate for a good programmer be like.

Talent is important, but work is even more important

Programming is so good that although you need a certain amount of talent, of course, and this is important, especially when…

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Since I am both a programmer and an entrepreneur, parallels arose in my head between one case and another.

  1. You cannot learn to program without starting to program. Likewise, to become an entrepreneur without starting to earn money by doing what you yourself are doing is also.
  2. The coolness of a programmer is determined by the coolness of his projects and not by the number of certificates of completion of the training. So, yes, show your MBA.
  3. It is rash to show a kilometer of code that has never been run and claim that this program will work. Or show…

What you should be aware of about the so-called “freedom”.

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This article is about the freelance lifestyle, which has given me great satisfaction in my life. However, not everything is promising. Since I have been working in this modality, I have found negative aspects, and I want to tell you about that in this post.

Before starting, I would like to make two clarifications:

  • The first is that these aspects are based on my vision and are completely personal
  • The second is that several of the disadvantages listed here also apply to those who start their own business.

1. Full-time availability

Beyond the type of arrangement that I have come up with each…

Yes, these jobs exist and pay well.

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For many years, it has been stated in different media that “in the world of programming, there is no unemployment.” If to this we add that to start in this world, all you need are time and a computer. There are practically no barriers when it comes to learning since a lot of information can be found on the internet. Hence, it is normal that a very high percentage of unemployed people consider becoming a programmer at some point.

However, not everyone has a structured head. So, learning to program can be both easy and challenging. …

Even with so much demand for programmers.

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I will try to explain how there may be a great shortage of programmers, and at the same time, there is the paradox that some people who know how to program cannot find programming jobs.

I will approach this question from different perspectives, but all with the same common denominator: if you want to have a long and successful career developing software, it has to be almost your own Ikigai or, at least, an essential bridge towards it.

1. It is difficult for you to acquire a deeper level of knowledge

Today, many people who enter the world of development start with an IDE or a low-code platform, which automates much of the…

A kind of checklist for the startup team.

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One of the first questions that arise in creating a site is the choice of a CMS (Content management system) or, as it is usually called, an “engine.” Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to this question.

Instead, There’s a list of questions that will help you make the right choice. Of course, I am talking about those IT projects where the site is not part of the main product: a marketplace, its own platform, etc.

1. What business processes will be implemented using the site?

  • Main business functions: the process of choosing a product and selling in an online store, making an appointment for a consultation with a clinic specialist…

Every programmer makes mistakes. Learn what mistakes you can avoid today.

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As many people learn to program, many will make the same mistakes. There are rakes on which it is simply impossible not to step. Nevertheless, a small mistake at the beginning of development can turn into a big headache for the programmer and his colleagues in the future. I would like to believe that readers of this article will reduce the number of incorrect decisions they make during software development to a minimum.

You know, some people are downright proud to say that they write web pages in Windows Notepad. In their opinion, by this fact, they emphasize a certain…

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