Yemeni Intelligence is Doxxing the US Troops Manning Saudi Command Centers

Sana’a (GPA) — In efforts to expose the criminals responsible for the ongoing genocide against Yemeni civilians, Yemeni Intelligence has started publishing the names and personal information of the US troops in charge of the Saudi command centers where airstrikes are ordered.

Washington tries to keep a tight lid on the extent of its involvement in Yemen. However, US troops are actually much more active in the conflict than most Americans would expect. In fact, the United States provides intelligence and logistical support for selecting airstrikes in addition to endless weapons and bombs.

New information from Yemeni Intelligence sheds light on the US troops manning the Saudi command centers where airstrikes and military operations are carried out. As part of a broader campaign to expose the people carrying out war crimes against civilians, Yemen has started exposing the personal information of these criminals.

The first target is Alexander R. Fhlug from Madison, Wisconsin. Yemeni Intelligence released a broad range of photos and personal information about Fhlug including where he lives, which barber he frequents, his favorite brands and shopping habits, and his other interests.

Over 39,000 people have died or sustained injuries from US-backed Saudi airstrikes and military operations — a third of which are women and children. The United States provides the bulk of precision-guided smart missiles, aircraft, training for ground troops, and intelligence support.

Originally published at GEOPOLITICS ALERT.