Michtim in City of Mist

You were a normal Orphaned Youngster before your life was changed by the Michtim Transmogrification. You’re a Child of Nature and can commune with beasts, speak to plants and talk to elements. Your Healing Touch allows you to sense when people are afflicted by diseases and nurture them.

Michtim Transmogrification (Subversion)

You can take the form of an anthropomorphized hamster-like creature.

“Are there others like me, hiding somewhere?”

Power Tags

  • Cute Appearance
  • Very Small
  • Expert Climber


  • Feral Claws
  • Bigger Transmogrification (Cat-Sized)
  • Changing Fur Coat

Weakness: Insufferable Sweet Tooth

Child of Nature (Divination)

You can communicate with nature around you.

“What secrets does Mother Earth have to offer?”

Power Tags

  • Beasts Speak
  • Find Food and Shelter
  • Elemental Divination


  • Cry for Help
  • Persuade Nature
  • Plant Speak

Weakness: Protect Nature

Healing Touch (Expression)

You can find and cure illnesses, treat wounds and nurture the vulnerable.

“Where does my healing energy come from?”

Power Tags

  • Sense Malady
  • Nurture the Weak
  • Cure Malady


  • Heal Wounds
  • Detox
  • Revitalize the Nearly Dead

Weakness: Inflict Harm only as Last Resort

Orphaned Youngster (Defining Event)

You lost your family to a tragedy. You were the only survivor.

“I want to find out what happened back then.”

Power Tags

  • Wise Beyond Years
  • Boundless Fantasy
  • Inconspicious Appearance


  • Insightful Flashbacks
  • Heroism Born from Tragedy
  • I Will Survive

Weakness: Not Taken Seriously By Grown-Ups

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