Michtim (Variant Halfling)
Georg Mir

Some example class archetypes for each Haus.

Haus Turnaya

Bards, sorcerers and fey warlocks are common characters of Haus Turnaya. Bards tend to be political masterminds that are especially apt in court. Sorcerers study elemental lore (draconic bloodline = elemental bloodline), they get more attuned to their element over time. Warlocks often make pacts with ascended Michtim ancestors (fey pact).

Haus Grauling

Rogues (especially arcane tricksters), wizards and eldritch knights, though each of these use magic in a technological sense, employing gadgets as arcane foci. Arcane tricksters make great use of their enhanced Mage Hand capabilities. Wizards of all traditions act as arcane scientists. Eldritch knights (though usually dexterous instead of strength based) utilize their destructive powers with great ingeniousness.

Haus Barsik

Rangers, druids and clerics make up a great deal of characters in Haus Barsik. Some follow the road of the barbarian too. Rangers employ animal companions as mounts and friends. Druids cherish their ability to wildshift into different beasts. Clerics promote lessons of old times and tend to the flock. Barbarians follow animal totems, especially bear. Barsik is said to hail from Bear and Berserker, after all.

Haus Shakti

Monks, avenger paladins, warlocks were typical examples of Shakti heroes. Monks, especially shadowdancers make exceptional Shakti agents. Avenger paladins punish those that betrayed Haus Shakti in the past. Warlocks (infernal pact) taint their own souls to attain powers to pay retribution to the Haus’ enemies.

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