On page 3 of “Act One”, the first (and only) book of George Murray’s poems, is one entitled, “COME THAT SPRING”. The month of this blog post is August (the second week of it), with Spring a damp, blustery memory, so this poem may seem seasonally-incorrect, but its message is not. Read more than once, and enjoy…

The robin, come that spring,
May wonder at his absence
For a while
And note how grasses cling
And twine on leaning fences
Mile on mile.

The swallow, come that spring,
His graceful arcs attaining,
May perceive
On glancing past a wing,
The fields in tumult gaining
Their reprieve.

For them incomprehensible –
The air they cleave intense with
That man, the indispensable,
Has been dispensed with

Copyright ©George Murray, 1976


George Murray’s only book of poems was entitled “Act One”, self-published in 1976, printed by Triton Press in California. His first book “Act One” was dedicated to his second wife Ursula, though perhaps it should have been named “Act Two” under those circumstances… :)

Thanks for stopping by! This blog is about my dad, and his love of words.

Twoku: My late father George / Murray, poet and punster / who so inspired me.

This is about my dad, the poet, George Murray. In his memory, and in full appreciation of the inspiration he gave me to write, I have launched a blog of his poetry, and miscellaneous writings, which I hope you will explore, follow, like, subscribe to, and otherwise enjoy…

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Originally published at georgemurraypoet.com on June 19, 2014.

George Murray

Created to give the world access to George Murray’s words; the #poems, #prose, #puns and art created by an insightful wordsmith, presented by his children.

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