#1 Cycling Brecon Beacons

Day 1: Daily Blog — 28 Feb, 2016

So today has been an interesting one. The idea was to set out on a rough route I came up with the night before. The route didn’t particularly go to plan. The hills were relentless, I got lost within the first hour and the cycle path turned into a river. Weaving around on the A’ road didn’t go down well with the motorists.

It was cold and dark. Maps wasn't working and I was on some b road way of track battling yet another hill. Every now and then I would stop and take notes of grassy areas just incase I couldnt find a place to camp.

About an hour later I stumbled upon a small campsite called ‘Bryncoch Farm Campsite’. Releived to say the least.

Turns out campsites in general are not open this time of year. Huge mistake on my account. That said I bumped into a guy called George who was the son of the owners campsite. After explaining my situation he showed me around the campsite and a place where I could pitch my tent. Leaving it so late meant I had zero time to pick up supplies. Grass was frozen and putting up the tent was an absolute nightmare. Freezing cold hands made hard work for the most simplist of things. With only a babybell for dinner I decided to set up camp as quickly and to call it a day.

That said.. a woman named Jackie came over and offered me a nice warm cabin pod for the night. She clearly felt sorry for me. These pods cost around £40/50 per night. Tv, heating, mini fridge and leaflets to local takeaways. She even invited me into her own home and gave me a towel, plate, utensils and coffee. I couldnt thank her enough.

I’m now sat in a warm pod, drinking coffee watching the Simpsons thinking about what takeaway to order this evening. I really did strike lucky today. Its not only until the next day I realised how cold it was.

So what was a pretty mad day actually turned out alright. I couldn’t thank Jackie enough. Amazing place and amazing people. With that said I’m off to have a shower, eat and get my head down for the night.

If you want a spontaneous outing and a sense of the unknown/adventure then don’t book a campsite and don’t plan a route.

If you’re normal then yes.. plan a route and somewhere warm to stay. Either way pack a warm sleeping bag and clothing and you’ll be fine.

Some Stats

Mileage: 103 miles/ 165km

Elevation Gain: 5,000ft

Top speed: 33.5 mph (camping gear was all over the place)

Calories burnt: 6,000

Lowest temperature: Between zero and -6 degree celsius

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