Cycling Kit List

Cycling Brecon Beacons (103 miles)

Come to think of it. You dont really need much to travel on a bike. As long as you have a tent, sleeping bag and a sleeping mat you’re pretty much good to go. Food and water can be easily picked up along the way.

I think this kit list rundown just goes to show you don’t need all the bells and whistles that goes with cycling. You dont need a super expensive bike, clothing or gps system. I simply used a commuting bike, basic cycling clothing and my nose for sense of direction.

Primary Weapon — Giant Escape III

Storage/ Rack:

  1. Rear pannier bag (50 litre – probably worth mentioning worth spreading the weight across the entire bike as opposed to just the rear).
  2. Rear bike rack


  1. Tent (Wild Country Zephyros 2).
  2. Sleeping bag (season 3)
  3. Sleeping mat (vango)


  1. Neck scarf (for on the evenings & cold windy days).
  2. Bib-tight (recommended for the colder seasons).
  3. Layering system. (Think hard about layers and clothing materials).
  4. Cleat shoes
  • Baselayer: Consider a layer close to the skin. Ideally not too tight.
  • Midlayer: Slightly thicker than your baselayer ideally long sleeve. Again not too tight against skin.
  • Outer layer: the layer that will protect you from the wind and rain and ultimately keep you warm

Checkout GoOutdoors layering system for more information on layers

Food/ Water:

  1. 1 litre bottle x2
  2. Cereal bars
  3. Fruit


  1. Book (turns out carrying books are quite heavy and unnecessary)
  2. Bungee cords
  3. Sunglasses.. not because it was sunny but because I almost lost an eye or two bombing down the odd hill or two.

These are the bare essentials I took whilst my two day trip across the Brecon Beacons. If you have the space I would recommend a small cooking stove. Again all depends on the trip, distance and location.

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