First Bird shooting In Argentina Trip? What to bring?

Yesterday is gone; you have put off bird shooting in Argentina for far too long. The planned trip has finally arrived, your air plane leaves for Argentina in 48 hours, and it is time to pack. However, what should you really bring with you?

We here at Posta Del Norte, know the first bird shooting trip in Argentina, can be a little nerve-racking just in the preparation and inwhat to bring. We have put together a little “cheat sheet” of the top things you will need and a few things that would just be nice for you to bring.

For the Hunt

· Argentina Hunting License (call us for questions)

· Shotgun (not required) (20 gauge is the preferred shotgun)

· Sunglasses & Shooting Goggles(Highly recommended)

· Hunting Boots

· Extra socks

· Wicking Liner Socks

· Extra Shoelaces

· Long Underwear (long Johns)

· A belt to hold up your pants

· Sunscreen

· Bugspray

· Warm & Cold weather gloves

· Shooting gloves

· Knife or Multi-Tool

· Small First Aid Kit

· Water

· Rain Ponchos

· Take a hunters safety course before your trip

This blog was meant to help first timers who are packing up for their first bird shooting in Argentina expedition. We understand that you are new to the hunting world and also wanted to give you some tips to save you money and help you stay relaxed on your first trip.

No.1 — Expensive equipment does not equal shot birds — You do NOT need to bring the most expensive equipment you can find with you on your first bird shooting trip in Argentina. A $40 of pair of binoculars will work just as fine as a $140 pair. You do not need a $1,000 shotgun. If you have one, that is good. However, most first-timers do not have anything like this yet. We here at Posta Del Norte cannot wait for your arrival, but we do not want you spending that kind of money when a $200-$300 riflewill shoot just as many doves as the most expensive ones can.

No.2 — If you do not shot a bird, no worries — If you do not get the chance to shot a bird on your first trip bird shooting in Argentina, you are NOT a failure and the trip was STILL worth yourwhile. You are a beginer and we just want you to have safe fun with your family and friends on your first voyage. This should be your primary focus going into your first trip. You will learn a ton on this trip, and you might even shot a few birds. But if not, next season, when you come back, you will be that much more experienced.

No.3 — No need to rely on technology too much — Technology is great, where would we be without it, right? However, when you are bird shooting in Argentina, technology is not able toexplain to you everything about every location. The most helpful information still comes from “word of mouth” and taking your “knocks” as you do a little “trial& error” learning.

So there you have it, first timers. Welcome to Posta Del Norte, your premier destination for the most exquisite bird shooting in Argentina. If you have any questions, we are here to assist you, and we are eager for your next arrival.

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