Is gum contouring an ideal strategy for your teeth or not?

A beautifully gracious smile involves a lot more than just sparkling teeth. The shape and size of the gums also play a crucial role in enhancing the grace of your smile. If you have stubby and small teeth with gums resting either too high or too low, gum contouring becomes a significant strategy for enhance it. It is a distinctive cosmetic dental procedure that is capable of evenly shaping all your uneven gum lines and thereby leaving your face with a glowing smile.

Different causes of uneven gums

One of the most prominent reasons that people undergo the surgery of gum contouring is the presence of uneven gums. This problem is pretty common among people these days. Major causes behind the problem may include –

• Genetics

• A particular health problem

• An outcome of consuming certain prescribed drugs

• Gum recession

Gum contouring procedure

The major question that arises in the mind of every individual is whether the surgery of gum contouring is safe or not. To get a clear cut answer about this question, you need to have a detailed understanding of the procedure. Here are some details:

• The dentists or periodontists will try to remove the gum tissues by making use of a laser or any other tools to exposing more enamel of your teeth.

• The procedure generally involves only one office visit.

• It also requires the usage of local anesthetics to prevent you from any discomfort. However, some soreness may exist until the gums fully heal.

• There are certain special cases that also require the dentists to remove some bone which may involve more extensive usage of anesthesia.

You can obtain a dramatic and immediate result with gum contouring.

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