FoodTouristica casts the spotlight on Greek gastronomic tourism!!

Gastronomy helps to upgrade the travelling experience. The backbone of any gastronomic experience is a good local cuisine. The promotion of gastronomy requires integrated and targeted actions. In this context, FoodTouristica 2015 is to be held at the former West airport Helliniko in Athens. This is an opportunity for gastronomic tourism to truly take off, supporting both the tourism sector and the Greek economy in general.

Gastronomy, the art of preparing high-quality and flavourful food, upgrades the travelling experience for all tourists without exception, while also serving as an attraction for high-end tourists with specific interests. Greek cuisine has numerous qualities, but it is also characterised by two significant weaknesses: quality problems throughout the entire spectrum of gastronomic services and the absence of any effective promotion of the gastronomic wealth of Greece. This is exactly the need that FoodTouristica 2015 comes to meet. It is an opportunity to promote inside the same exhibition venue companies that produce food and beverages, ingredients and finished cooking, pastry and bakery products, and in general everything related to the food, beverages and equipment concerning catering establishments. At the same time retail companies have the chance to organise demonstrations and product tastings for the public. It will also dynamically promote all types of classical and alternative tourism offered in Greece, such as hotels and traditional guest-houses, rental rooms and apartments, Spa Resorts and agrotourism accommodation.

The purpose of the parallel events is to showcase the tourism product both inside and outside of Greece, including religious tourism, oenotourism, agrotourism and ecotourism. This is an ideal point in time for the event, since the quality of many Greek wines has been recently recognised by international judges with many awards in competitions all over the world, Greek nutritional products continue to be among the top preferences globally (olive oil, mastic, Greek avgotaracho fishroe, etc.) and specific products like Greek yogurt have been greatly successful in major markets.

FoodTouristica 2015, an exhibition of Mediterranean flavours and unique tourism destinations, will be held on May 15–17 at the former West airport Helliniko. It is organised in parallel to the 7th Eleotechnia 2015 Expo, which focuses on olives and olive oil. During the same dates, the 7th Olive Oil Aristion 2015 awards will be held for the quality and packaging design of extra virgin olive oil.

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