Warning: Here’s a New Year’s 55-item Blunt Diatribe on Lots of Stuff

A Liberating Sketch on Everything that Comes to Mind as 2019 Closes

On Aging
On Aging
Dec 28, 2019 · 8 min read

I might make this a regular annual end-of-the-year event for myself — this diatribe that helps get all the built-up frustration I’m experiencing out in the open.

There are several ad hominem attacks here, which is why I labeled it a warning. The idea was to make this a liberating, one-time-only experience and then move on to a better 2020.

Some wise person once said that people will either hate you, love you, or totally ignore you.

Let’s hope that things get better in 2020 because the last three years have been — What’s the word I’m looking for? — How about erroneous to be gentle? Malevolent is another apt word.

1. 45 is a narcissistic, madman, buffoon who is taking our country down a very dark path in numerous ways. If you support this guy, you are being willfully blind to facts, and perhaps worse, you are a chump following a full-blown liar.

2. Most of our politicians, on both sides, are morally inept individuals who really care only about themselves and their re-elections.

3. Our elections were hacked by the Russians whom I believe were able to change votes. Can’t prove it definitively due to the nature of cybercrime, or the investigative parties involved refuse to release the absolute truth because it will destroy our faith in elections — but it sure looks that way. And BTW, Putin has Trump in his back pocket. It all looks obvious, if you are really paying close attention to what’s going on.

4. Many lawyers make up the very worse elements of our society. In many ways they are worse than hardened criminals. They are destroying the good fabric of our society.

5. All you folks at those rallies wearing MAGA hats look like sad fools, laughing at yourselves. You don’t realize that you have signed up into a dangerous cult that has been totally fooled by a compulsive liar.

6. If you think Brietbart practices good journalism, then you don’t know anything about good journalism. You have been bamboozled.

7. The so-called “fake news” is being propagated by the folks who scream fake news all the time.

8. Millions of people don’t understand what thinking critically means. Were they always so ill-informed?

9. There are numerous therapists, religious leaders, and self-appointed gurus out there who are not out to help you, or do not have a clue concerning how to help you. Beware of their willy ways. They are in their professions only for their personal ego boost and dollars.

10. The world of advertising and marketing is mostly a complete joke that over-emphasizes false narratives and fake testimonials. Advertising, especially for drugs related to healthcare, are dangerous enterprises that should be regulated more efficiently.

11. The world of modern medicine is difficult to navigate through. What works for some folks does not work for others. Some medications hurt you more than help you, even though they are FDA approved. You can’t believe everything a doctor tells you. Patients are misdiagnosed all the time.

12. If your doctor does not listen to your wants and desires based on what you know about your individual health, and he/she insists that you take his/her advice, then it’s time to find a different doctor.

13. Believing in the literal translation of the Bible is akin to believing in supermarket tabloids. There are many different translations that are frequently diametrically opposed to each other and tell completely different stories than what our Judeo-Christian dogmas portend to be absolutely true.

14. Religious dogma is often dangerous and historically has sown the seeds of division and intolerance (evangelicals, along with many other faith-based leaders who profess that only their religion is true, come to mind immediately). Listen closely to the goodness embedded inside yourself. That’s all you really need.

15. Shame on those who believe climate change is a hoax. We’re in deep trouble on this issue. Please pay attention to what the vast majority of our scientists are saying.

16. Shame on those who believe in profits above all else.

17. Try hard not to over consume. It’s a black eye on humanity.

18. We do not live in a fair-taxation system. If you are poor or lower middle class, 45’s tax cuts were basically meaningless. How much did your paycheck go up?

19. Getting a higher education is too costly and something definitive needs to be done about it now.

20. Ingram, Hannity and Carlson are all despicable human beings who constantly propagate unproven conspiracy theories. They don’t have real journalistic skills and are basically at the center of all the division we are now experiencing. Throw in Rush Limbaugh (and several other overly conservative radio talk show hosts) — they are all extraordinarily despicable people who promote hate and division.

21. Moscow Mitch McConnell has done more damage to our country than any other politician. He, along with the newest sycophant of all time, Lindsay Graham, are not in the least bit honorable human beings. Their repetitious hypocrisy is appalling. They will both more than likely be re-elected, however, because their supporters are about as smart as lampshades.

22. Senator Kennedy from Louisiana is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He seems like such a nice guy with a great sense of humor and an intelligent mind, but he’s really just another sycophant who can’t choose what’s right and ethical over what’s wrong and unethical. BTW the same goes for Pence, Pompeo, Bolton, and Mulvaney — what a bunch of cowardly politicians.

23. I won’t even get into to Jordan and Ratcliff and the others, such as Gohmert and Gaetz, who were the most odious guys on the impeachment inquiry hearings. That woman from Watertown, NY (has anyone ever been there?) whose name I will not bother to look up proved to be quite vocal once she got on TV — previous to that she was absent for a good number of the hearings that were not televised. Oh, and let us not forget the screaming banshee Collins — how anyone can trust someone who is always talking overly fast, loud and angrily is beyond my comprehension.

24. The conservative, right-wing, evangelical agenda is an effort to push us backwards instead of forward. Moreover, their hypocrisy is truly contemptible.

25. I agree with Hillary Clinton who claimed that Lindsay Grahman’s mind has been snatched.

26. As the late George Carlin once said, f..k Dr. Phil.

27. Pence, Pompeo, Bolton, Mulvaney, Perry, Guiliani — what a bunch of card-carrying phonies.

28. Don’t get me started on the wicked witches: Conway and Sanders. Grisham is of the same ilk and is about as smart as dirt.

29. Oh, and let us not forget the weasel in chief, Miller.

30. One of the most pathetic politicians out there is Jeff Sessions. He still sides with 45 after being disparaged and humiliated by him numerous times. Wat a sick puppy. Another very pathetic picture is Sean Spicer dancing. Ugh!

31. Cell phone companies and internet providers are ripping everyone off.

32. Many of society’s problems would be eliminated if every employer paid their employees a livable wage, and if decent education opportunities were more available to everyone for a low cost or for free.

33. Develop a global mindset — think about the poverty-stricken that are so prevalent worldwide and how lucky you truly are.

34. Don’t be afraid of being a nonconformist, and don’t be afraid of speaking your mind and sticking up for what you believe is right. You may not have a lot of close friends with this kind of mindset, but you will be true to yourself, which is more important than having a lot of superficial friends.

35. If someone tells you that you can’t do something that you really want to do — and it does not harm anyone — do it with pride.

36. I believe that the government should intervene at times. While there is certainly bad government, there is also certainly good government.

37. Politicians should have to pass some kind of intelligence test before being given the right to run for any office. They should also be required to sign some kind of legally binding contractual agreement or oath that would hold them more accountable to the promises they make during campaigns.

38. Campaign contributions to any political race should be equal. In other words, no candidate should be allowed to have a larger war chest of campaign contributions than any of his or her opponents.

39. Many need to tone down the constant drive toward having more and more and more.

40. Many need to eradicate the exaggerated admiration of the wealthy.

41. I believe in the total separation of church and state. Bringing religion into politics will only further divide us.

42. Look more closely at our religious commonalities and not the differences. All of the world’s major religions have more things in common than differences.

43. My heart tells me that we should let anyone into our country who wants to enter, as long as they are law-abiding citizens. Isn’t that pretty much how our country started in the first place?

44. I don’t care about anyone’s sexuality, and I don’t believe anybody should define their self by their sexuality. Marriage should be a legal agreement between two consenting adults, regardless of sex. Sex should be a private matter. Love is love is love, as they say.

45. The corporate mindset of profits above all else, if not abated, could be the ruin of mankind

46. Parents, to their best ability, must be very actively involved in the moral and educational growth of their children. Being actively involved does not mean they will succeed, but it will certainly increase the odds for success.

47. What you do to your mind and body is your concern and nobody else’s — as long as you are not harming or have the potential to harm anyone in the process. Anyone should also be allowed to end his or her life at his or her discretion. In other words, assisted suicide should be legalized.

48. There are laws that must be obeyed, such as driving rules, no-smoking rules, you can’t physically or mentally harm someone intentionally, no stealing, respect others at all times, no fraudulent behavior, no bullying, no slandering, do not lie, honor and obey the golden rule, etc …

49. As a society I believe we need to take a good, hard look at what the media is covering while still allowing it the freedom to publish whatever it wants to publish. In other words, we, as individuals, need to become more active in exposing and spreading the word about poor and dishonest media practices.

50. Take care of the planet as best as you can. Keep working on becoming a greener person.

51. Always challenge authority.

52. Have a healthy skepticism, especially when someone professes belief in anything that cannot be proven.

53. Form your own belief system based on your inner self. Pay close attention to what goes on inside your head and do not live in fear. Develop your individual educational pathway.

54. Many of today’s drugs that are illegal and/or need a prescription should be legalized and easy to obtain without a prescription for everyone who is 18 or older. Additionally, if you must register for the armed services and can then die for your country, you should also have the right to drink alcohol.

55. Find joy in the sake of learning for its own sake.

I feel better now. Please vote for the best candidate who will beat 45 in 2020. My New Year’s resolution: Stop paying attention to politics, especially first thing in the morning. It’s bad for your health and your potential creativity.

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On Aging

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On Aging

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