The situation in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, by Ukrainian Ministry od Defense

Mess in Luhansk is a conflict between different Russian factions — officials on the West

The Kremlin tries to assure the West that events in Donbass are the Ukrainian internal problem. Russian propaganda has always been focused on mythic rebels, who “try to defend themselves” from Ukrainian government troops, and who actually didn’t exist at that part of Ukraine before.

The U.S. Department of State has been confronting the Russian propaganda about Ukraine for a long time. American diplomats call the troops in the Donbass as “combined Russian-separatist forces”, which are armed, trained, equipped and recruited by Russia. They also say directly about Russian regular troops acting in the occupied part of Eastern Ukraine.

Last days, we have seen an internal conflict in so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic”, beginning on November 21. Russia brought troops into certain districts of Luhansk region to reinforce the units of the so-called “2nd army corps” of separatists. It noted that in the conflict between “LPR leader” Igor Plotnitsky and “LPR Interior Minister” Igor Cornet, the Kremlin most likely bet on the latter.

Michael Carpenter, a former a deputy assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia and foreign policy advisor to Vice President Joe Biden, said Moscow immediately sent regular troops to Luhansk region just to clean up the “mafia war” among Moscow’s proxies.

Russian regular forces entering #Ukraine to clean up the mafia war among Moscow’s proxies. That’s what happens when you allow criminals to govern. Not a whole lot different from what we’ve seen in parts of the North Caucasus.
— Michael Carpenter (@mikercarpenter) 21 Nov 2017

Such kind of reaction of the American expert society and the U.S. government has been consistent for a long time. However, assessments in the European Union are not always consistent and firm. Unfortunately, the Russian lobby is more powerful in Europe.

Nevertheless, a former Foreign Minister of Sweden, now co-chairman of the European Council on Foreign Relations Carl Bildt definitely determined that the current messing up in Luhansk is a conflict between different Russian factions.

Kremlin often tries to say that Donbas conflict is among Ukrainians. But Luhansk events shows that it’s really a conflict between different Russian factions.
— Carl Bildt‏ (@carlbildt) — 24 Nov 2017

Why it’s so remarkable? It’s not only about a mess inside the Kremlin establishment. The rivalry always existed there. More important, that Russian propaganda loses, one by one, its basic talking points.