Most beautiful places in the world:

Rainbow Mountains — China

There’s a reason why this mountain range in China is named the “Rainbow Mountains.”

Devils Tower — Wyoming

In the middle of a field with some hills sits an odd shaped mountain named “Devils Tower” with an old lore that a bear made the marks in the tower with his sharp claws. You may know Devils Tower from the late 1970’s film “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”, where an alien base is hiding under Devils Tower. Either or, Devils Tower has an eerie sort of vibe to it since it’s a 1000 foot tower that stands out of the ground in a mostly flat / hilled area.

Though, if you do make the trip to Devils Tower the hiking trail that goes around it a nice simple walk, and the surrounding area is also very pretty. To get in you have to pay a National Park Fee and then you’re free to do whatever you want besides Rock Climbing which requires a permit and has a fee associated with it. However, if you’re wanting to rock climb, then Devil Tower offers many routes to climb up and is a fairly short climb being that the Tower stands only 1000 feet tall.

“The Floating Islands of Phang Na Bay — Thailand“

Phuket Thailand’s floating islands are notoriously famous for the 007 Bond movie and is a hot tourism spot. Here’s a bit of advice if you’re headed to Phuket. Bring Sunscreen, Aloe Vera, and Mosquito spray!

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This is Jade Mountain in St.Lucia. These are in the range of $1000/nite. Suites with their own infinity pool, views of volcanic mountains, insane amenities. If you never make it at least google it and look at all the images of the entire property.

This is the VDARA panoramic suite in Vegas. $159-$199/night for a huge suite with 180 degree glass views. You can see the windows on the right side starting at the door and they go all the way around. Comes with a washer/dryer, full kitchen. Amazing value. Located about as far back off the strip as the Bellagio. In fact, you take a short walk down a hallway and you are in the Bellagio, or even quicker you are in the ARIA. There is no casino in the hotel but who cares when two other properties are so close.

Busch Gardens in Tampa has a nice Kangaroo feeding area for kids. There are a lot of parks to visit if you come to Orlando area. The new Legoland in Winter Haven is more expensive than the other parks and, as of 2012–2013, it’s really for small children. This is good in a way because there are a lot of rides here for younger kids that are below 42″. You’re really not going to find much anywhere unless you are at 42″-48″.

Good day to be at the park when you have rides all to yourself. It’s a bit out of the way to get to Busch Gardens, Tampa , about 1.5–2 hours from Orlando, but it’s the best value. There are more coasters and kids rides here than anywhere else. Not to mention all the animals and other things to do. This is one of the best parks in the USA because there’s so much packed into one park. Look how short my grandkid is in this pic and she still gets on.

Downtown Disney area is full of shops, movies, and places to eat. There’s often live entertainment on the sidwalks all the time. They just opened a new Bowling Alley with a 50’s theme to it next to the movie theater. This is also home to one of the few fixed shows in Cirque du’ Soleil outside of Las Vegas called La Nouba. Here are my grandkids again sitting on a bench outside one of the many eateries that entertain their patrons while they eat. You can also see Epcot fireworks from here.

Busch Gardens, lions and bears oh my. As mentioned earlier this is not only a good place for rides but there are tons of animals here too. Not ones made out of bushes. And not just for looks. The first picture in this blog is my grandkid petting Kangaroos. They were even hopping down the sidewalk inside the exhibit.

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ARIA Las Vegas with 100% Chocolate Dragon and Tree. You never know what or who you’ll run into walking around Vegas. I could not believe this was all chocolate.. even the flowers. Some of the best artisans and performers in the world are here in Vegas.

This thing was huge. With a big full-size chocolate tree. I’d say 6 feet tall.

Lot of kool stuff going on in Vegas all the time. We were walking through here mainly to go to the ELVIS Cirque du’ Soleil show, which is now defunct. Apparantly ticket sales were not that good but I felt it was a quality product. It is replaced with the Zarkana show now as of 2013. Cirque has taken over Vegas with 8 resident shows now. They are all good except for maybe the Chris Ange Believe one. The “O” show at Bellagio is probably the hardest to get tickets for requiring 3 months planning for good seats. The “KA” show at MGM just had a death early 2013 with one performer falling. If you saw this show you would understand how dangerous it is. There are parts where you heart drops watching them do stuff that is so death defying.

Saw Shania Twain concert at CAESARS’s Palace. Excellent show. Good for her that she is turning her life around after divorce. We wanted to be there to support her comeback.

You can see Vegas strip in the background. Photos don’t do real-life justice. This is the RIO SECCO Golf Club in Vegas where Butch Harmon is located. Nice course for price. I’ve been to quite a few golf courses in and around Vegas.

Probably one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had golfing was at WOLF CREEK in Mesquite, outside of Vegas and hour or so. You feel like you are on the moon with this beautiful course in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know where all the water and grass came from. This course has huge lakes, creeks and waterfalls on almost every hole, and tee boxes that are a hundred feet up on the hills. Once in a lifetime experience for sure.

CASCATA golf club outside Vegas few miles. Little more expensive in the $225-$250 range but as beautiful as WOLF CREEK but a lot closer. You only live once right.

You got your own locker… for 5 minutes or however long it takes you to get out of there and go play. I took the tag with me as a token gift. Stuff only the pros usually get. The bathrooms are fully stocked with anything you could want.

The next best thing is SHADOW CREEK but I hear it’s $500 not including a caddy. But not only are the bathrooms fully stocked the locker room is full of food too. With one big open locker room you can imagine the shenanigans that go on here during the Michael Jordan celebrity golf tournament with the likes of Charles Barkley. If you are visiting Vegas during April buy some tickets. This is a $1 Billion dollar course built by Mr.Wynn himself that will transport you away to the hills of Carolina. You will forget you are in Vegas.

Kids love to paint…. stuff. I think they just like to make messes. If you’re looking to get away from the Disney area head to Orlando Arts and Sciences Museum. When I was there with my grandkids the Star Wars Exhibit was going on too.