#BTC BITCOIN Hits All-Time High! Smashes Previous Record.

The first time Bitcoin cracked the $3,000 figure was in June, but quickly settled at the $2,700 levels until speculation about the Bitcoin Fork, BitcoinCash and Segwit news.

Friday night, August 4th, 2017, BITCOIN smashed it previous high and continues to remain above the $3,000 mark.

The alarm on our Coinbase App alerted cheerfully at 11:00 pm that Bitcoin had reached $2954. At this moment it was clear that BTC would once again surpass the $3,000 mark.

Some have predicted that digital currencies will continue to increase in value as more consumers become aware of the potential of decentralizing traditional structures of power.

As the number of people who adopt and use cryptocurrencies increases, the demand will continue to drive up value. Compounded with the fact of increasingly difficult and time consuming algorithms used to “mine” Bitcoin, many believe we will see an upward trend in value which is the inverse behavior of traditional currencies.

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