I don’t if it’s possible to block people on Medium but if you will let me know how to do it that is…
John Thompson

Frankly Mr. Thompson, your boorish and childish behavior is a disgrace to any uniform be it a military one to a physicians to a volunteer fireman. I seriously doubt the veracity of your essay simply because you lack the emotional gravitas as well as the capability of keeping your ego and insecurities within your own testicles. You don’t know me from Adam, yet just by my very words you have become lesser than what you have presented. Its very clear your skin is that thin and that transparent. All it takes is someone to question your integrity, and thus you act like a entitled spoiled brat of a child. You are lesser than those who you claim to have served. You ate not fit to serve under any command. Not when you show as much disrespect to others with your childish remarks that shows how fraudulent you and your premise are.

I will never salute a nan who disrespects another American just for being American. Who doesn’t have the ability to lead others because he acts like a child. One who disrespects himself by acting like a child, and one who disrespects anyone in uniform for acting like a child.

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