Why Netflix is the best way to watch your shows.

Netflix: The best way to watch your shows

Many Americans plan their nights around watching a new episode of their favorite television show so they can be in the first group of viewers. This culture is rapidly changing as people become aware of Netflix instant streaming. The price, selection, and convenience of the Netflix experience are too ideal for users to resort back to dated forms of viewing. Although there are many ways for television consumers to view their shows, Netflix is the best option.

Today, there are 40 million subscribers to Netflix in the U.S. and 69 million in the world (Jenson). These massive numbers are due to many features, one of which is price. A prescription to Netflix instant streaming costs eight dollars a month. This price is competitive with all other sites, and only tallies to a mere $96 a year. In 2014, the median household income was around $53,000 (DeNavas-Walt). This means that a Netflix subscription would cost less than a tenth of a percent of the income in a typical household. The affordability of Netflix contributes greatly to its dominating prowess among viewing platforms. Although price is a considerable factor that sets Netflix apart from alternatives, Netflix’s selection is noteworthy.

When a consumer choosing a site for watching their show, the biggest thing they look for is whether or not the site has their show in it’s selection. Netflix offers the most shows out of any streaming site, even more than Hulu Plus: Netflix’s biggest competitor (Jenson). This means if a viewer is looking for a show, their best bet is to look on Netflix. Another piece that sets Netflix

apart in it’s selection is that is offers shows with release dates ranging from 1957 to 2016 (Netflix). This is significant because most competing sites only focus on current shows and new releases. This difference sets Netflix apart. Overall, Netflix has the largest and most widely ranged selection of shows.

On top of selection and price, Netflix offers one of the most convenient platforms for viewing. Once online, the consumer is only a few clicks away from watching Netflix’s vast selection of shows, but wait for it, commercial free! Unlike almost every other site, Netflix does not have commercials. This clearly sets consumers apart from competitors. One of the biggest downsides to watching traditional television or streaming on alternative sites is the ads that annoyingly pop up before every big scene. This is not a factor when using Netflix, because Netflix is owned separate from the producers of the shows. This phenomenon allows viewers to “binge watch” their shows at their leisure. Binge watching is when a viewer watches many episodes of a show in one sitting. Netflix users spend 100 million hours per day watching their programs, and 61 percent of users “binge watching” their shows (Smith). These numbers just support the idea that Netflix’s watcher-friendly platform really works. The immense convenience that Netflix’s platform offers is like no other site out there.

Between the extremely affordable price, the vast selection, and the incomparably convenient platform, Netflix surpasses all of it’s competitors. Some critics will claim that is takes too long for new episodes to reach Netflix, but this meager down side is countered by many unmatched upsides. If a viewer were to choose a competing site to watch a new show before it reaches Netflix, they would be forced to sacrifice quality. Netflix is simply the best way to watch your shows.

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