A Response to “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek
Jordan Keller

Hey Jordan,

I agree with you on the suspenseful beginning then the stopping to Tarantino the story up. I, too, wanted to know what was going to happen right then.

And you also hit the head on the nail, when they talked about everyone in past tense. There were several characters that I became involved with, like Jim Jack, and I just couldn’t imagine them dying. But as it turned out, every character we did get emotionally invested in — did end up dying.

That guy with 2 kids and a wife hit me the hardest. He seemed like most sincere — built a great life for himself — dude.

The great thing about this story is even though I’ve never been skiing, or involved with many mountain activities, I ended up feeling like a knew the best route down the slope. I know that is silly, but I kept thinking, “I’ll just stick next to the tree line.”

Hindsight 20–20.

I too think of fluffy snow when I think of snow, but when they got descriptive on the mushiness of Jim Jacks body, it really set the fact on the destructive power of an avalanche — and I can see how you would equivalate that to a tornado.

I enjoyed your response to this piece.


George Thornburg

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