Great post!
Lindsey McClaran

Hey Lindsey!

Thanks for the response. I do not think I was clear enough when I said I think it is “first world problems”.

You said, “ many students have the urge to travel abroad”.

Which is true.

But the suffocation he felt, have been felt by 99% of all students.

What I am saying, people that have truly suffered, suffered in ways we can’t comprehend IE genocide, starvation — war torn countries — probably cannot relate to the protagonist story. I, of course can, but that is because I have been spoilt by a solid government — as so far, ha!

That’s why I said his friend that died during the war was so mesmerized by him wanting to leave a country full of opportunity. I can’t remember his name now, but he was flabbergasted by the want of this kid to want to come and help out his country.

The dead kid can’t relate to the protagonist choices, because he can’t even fathom the opportunities our protagonist had. That is why I call it first world problems, because those kids in other counties would just laugh at our problems… or they’d be like, “whaaaaaaattttt????????”./

George Thornburg

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