Allstate “Off Day”

An ad campaign by a human company

A while back I blogged about a talk given by one of the lead experience designers from Liberty Mutual at the Barnraise conference held at the IIT Institute Design, about the future of insurance.

Today, I just came across an ad by Allstate as part of Allstate’s new campaign “Off Day.”

Once you watch this video, you’ll understand why I think Allstate is one of the most human companies today. The campaign shows off Allstate’s new Accident Forgiveness guarantee, which means they won’t increase your rates when accidents happen to even the good drivers among us.

Forgiveness is one of the most human traits. It’s enabled by our sense of empathy for one another. The first sentence used to describe the guarantee on the webpage is all about empathy. Allstate understands.

Allstate understands that accidents happen, even to the best of drivers.

When companies like Allstate are breaking out of the mould that the insurance industry has casted for itself, it pressures the rest of the industry to rethink the way they operate. Thanks Allstate for making life better for all of us.

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