How to Improve Hotel Guest Experience with Mobile App?

In today’s world, customer’s behavior and expectation have changed a lot. The reason is technology which made them go beyond the expectation. Everyone started using Smartphone and tablet for their personal and professional works. People spend most time of the day in Smartphone. Especially this opened a plethora of opportunities for businesses to engage the customers, in which the hospitality industry is making the most of it. Mobile Application can improve their performance and help to achieve complete satisfaction of the customers. As an outcome of revolution in mobile technology, customer experiences have improved and hotels are also becoming financially stronger.

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Let’s see how mobile app helps hoteliers:


Mobile app helps the customers service themselves for what they are looking for. The listed below are the services that customers can get themselves using mobile application.

1. Booking Spa’s

2. Reservation for dinner

3. Request car from valet

4. Laundry, Dry Cleaning

5. Check out

6. Order room service

7. Ordering drinks, towels, etc

These are the services where customers used to get through staffs. But Mobile App service changed the how customers avail the service and as a result of that, most of the guest prefers this model. This model is spread worldwide and every customer service business industry started implementing this.

This model is proven as apparently beneficial from the customer as well as operational standpoint. Customer can make reservation, order room service, book massage, etc., in a single tap. It is also beneficial in reducing waiting time, work load, decrease work stress and enhance customer service.

New Strategies with Customer Data:

Mobile App is very much helpful to collect customer data and insights based on in-app behavior. Hotel industry can benefit from using this app because it provide customer preferences, what services they are preferring, work-flow process and many more. It is easy to find out the peak time for particular service and help to allocate resource in a proper way.

Staffs can Perform Smartly:

Mobile Application helps to improve staff efficiency by collecting customer preference data through self-service model. If guests are offered with mobile app with a facility to customize and organize their hotel experience, there will be less need for staff to interact directly with the guests. The same labor can be allocated to other operational areas. Services like reserving services and valet service requires dedicated staff. But this can also be handled through mobile app.

As mentioned earlier, the data collected from the guest via mobile app help to allocate right staff at right time per their requirement. It helps to improve operational efficiency and provide right service at peak time as well.

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Bring Additional Business through Loyalty Programs:

Loyalty program is one of the additional features integrated in the Mobile App Development. It helps to build brand advocates, drive repeated business and encourage up selling. Based on the guest profile, summary or behavior, hotels can send push notification. In theses notifications, you can include best offers, discounts and additional benefits to make your customer to stay longer. Through loyalty program you can make your guest feel happy and comfortable.

By using mobile app, hoteliers can have a big opportunity to enhance guest experience, improve hotel operations, and drive repeated business.

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