5 Things you can do now to attract the right people

Over the last few weeks we’ve conversed with SMB owners and asked what their biggest concerns are at the current time. We knew about the online ad challenge through our initial work with Adsvise but other issues came up like increasing sales, reaching new customers and spending advertising money effectively.

In fact, we were looking to delve deeper into online advertising with them but paused momentarily just to share some insights on one other particular topic.

What fascinated me right now was how much trouble SMB’s have when trying…

Adsvise just solved a huge problem for designers and marketers everywhere

Ever wasted hours upon hours looking for digital ad spec sizes across multiple social and advertising channels?

We have.

The thing is, we started using articles and infographics to get what we needed but sizes are not always kept up to date and to go into each network every time to find official spec guidelines was taking way too long.

The importance of evaluations, setting goals and why it’s all about the journey

‘It’s not the destination but the journey that counts’

Never has this been clearer in my mind than throughout last week’s review process here at Funifi.

A startup usually begins with grand plans in mind on how it’s particular product will impact mankind. We rarely think about the little things in between, at least not as part of the initial vision.

It’s every one of those little pieces though that makes everything else worth it

Throughout the past 10 days or so, Andrew and I have been sitting down with the team to discuss progress, improvements and goals. Our process is split up into 3 parts:

1 — Intro

We’ve been asking how everyone…

How healthy relationships help you build a team

A while ago I was sitting there in my well paid executive job running marketing for 62 countries as you do. I had my apartment and company car, a hot girlfriend and took amazing trips whenever I felt like it.

Fast forward to today. My job now is to try and keep our startup alive, there are no trips and no cars, there are baby puppies though. My girlfriend is now my pregnant wife and we live at her mum’s place. Glamorous no?

Life is fast, unpredictable and often served best with a little bit of planning and a whole load of ‘just dive in and get it done’.

That’s essentially been the Funifi way so far. When me and Andrew left our jobs, apartments and…

George Vou

Entrepreneurship + Culture — Cofounded @Funifi and www.adjelly.com

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