Welcome To My World of Education

My name is Georgea Maree Tadros, I was born in Sydney Australia to two Lebanese Parents. I have been lucky to attend a great school and receive an education, ive also been able to travel to other countries and experience how important education is world wide, and that it needs to be improved and avaiable for all.

My World of Education is based on my journey as a teacher in training, the difficulties I may face and the breezes that will let me flow. I am currently studying Bachelor of Education (Primary), at Australian Catholic University and am in my first year of this course. My first semester was quite intimidating to say the least, to start a new chapter in my life surrounded by people I didn’t know took alot of strength and determination, but I have made it through. So far my university experience has been really great! I have made a few good friends and I am finally enjoying my education because it is what will lead me to my future.

I am already so inpired and ready to start my career as a teacher. I aim for my future endevours to include teaching many students and inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves, to believe they can do anything they work hard enough for.

One dream i will always hold onto will be to travel and teach kids from around the globe. I have been lucky to grow up knowing two languages (English and Arabic) and i truly believe that language is a fundamental part of life. In the future i see myself as an english teacher, in non-english speaking countries making not only a second language but an education possible for all.

Blogging is very New to me and it is part of an assesment in My Digital Communication Technology unit. The unit is very interesting and involves the study of the develoment of technology, and how it has been used throught its years of existence.

*All content produced on these blog posts is my own work, unless referenced otherwise.

Until next time,


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